As a third-generation Southern Oregonian, I know how unique our community  truly is. We have a different way of life and our elected leaders should know that, represent that, and uphold our values. Values of honesty, justice, community, and family. I can think of no better place where these values should be firmly cemented then in our court system.

As Circuit Court judge in Josephine County, I am committed to being an independent voice who will make decisions based on the law with integrity, accountability, and transparency. Our legal system and courts should be a place where you can find truth and justice, and that starts from behind the bench.

I will uphold the Constitutions of the United States and Oregon, and serve our court and our community with respect and integrity. I would appreciate your support in my election.


Judge Sarah McGlaughlin
Josephine County Circuit Court Judge
District 14, Position 4


“Judge McGlaughlin is intelligent, diligent, compassionate, and has the perfect temperament for a judge.”

Rebecca Peterson, attorney, juvenile law and criminal defense

“I have known Judge McGlaughlin since long before she graduated from law school.  She worked at our law firm and was incredibly responsible, as a student she was extremely diligent, and as a human being she is compassionate and gives of her time and heart to make the world a better place.  She has a keen intellect, and analyzes legal issues from many perspectives, seeking to do what is right. She has served her community as a District Attorney and Judge with those same qualities.”

Susan Krant
Civil Attorney

“I worked with Judge McGlaughlin for several years prior to her appointment to the bench. In short, she understands Southern Oregon, understands the law, and wields her power/authority responsibly and  exclusively towards attaining justice and bettering our community.”

Joshua Eastman
District Attorney, Josephine County

“Sarah is meticulous, driven, compassionate, and collegial.  In my experience, she is always working towards justice—the right thing.  In the community where I live, work, and am raising my family, these are the characteristics I want in a Judge. “

Joshua Eastman
District Attorney, Josephine County

“I met Sarah when she was working in the trenches as a prosecutor, advocating for justice and the rights of victims of crime. Her extensive trial experience has resulted in a judge who is knowledgeable, fair, and treats everyone in the courtroom with respect. She is committed to serving the people of Josephine County, and she proves it everyday in court.”

Claudia Browne
Juvenile law and criminal defense attorney

“Sarah has broad experience in the world, tempered by her Southern Oregon values. She is smart and motivated. She works hard, she respects people, and she isn’t afraid to make the tough choices that judges face.”

Carolyn Anderson

“Although a short time on the bench, Judge McGlaughlin has shown patience and respect for attorneys and clients. She displays interest in the matters before her, with an adherence to established law and procedure. She has an expressed interest in advancing her knowledge in the complicated area of Family Law.

She is well-regarded in the legal community, for her native intelligence, kindness, knowledge and respect for the law, integrity and experience as a former litigator. She is the obvious and overwhelming choice in this race for Circuit Court Judge for Josephine County.”

Lynn Myrick
Attorney, family law

“It has been my pleasure to practice law in Josephine County since 1976.  In that time I have learned a thing or two about the qualities that make for a good judge. They can easily be found in any dictionary:

INTEGRITY: Judge McGlaughlin had it as a top deputy district attorney in the Josephine County DA’s office and she has it on the bench
RESPECT: Judge McGlaughlin has the respect of the bench and bar perhaps because she respects us and she respects the folks who appear before her.
BALANCE: Judge McGlaughlin has balance. A judge must be both firm and compassionate- a difficult balance, but necessary. Judge McGlaughlin has demonstrated that quality.
INTELLECT: From the time Sarah McGlaughlin joined our local legal community many of us have noticed her superior intellect and knowledge of the law.”

Chris Mecca
Attorney, juvenile law, civil, and criminal defense

Sarah was my student at Boston College Law School. It was a joy to teach her. We are a Jesuit law school . The Jesuit tradition of using your education in the service of others is something Sarah valued greatly. She clearly understands that to do justice everyone regardless of their social status, color of their skin, or political affiliation should be treated equally. It is my honor to endorse her. The people of Josephine County are fortunate to have such a smart, just, empathetic person to be their judge.”

Robert Bloom
Professor, Boston College Law School

As a professional educator and public servant, judicial integrity is very important to me. Without the trust that judges will operate with honesty and care for all members of their community, it is difficult for those of us who work with youth to feel confident in their future. I am confident in giving my endorsement to Judge McGlaughlin in Josephine County. Having spent four years in the Grants Pass School district–first at GP High and then at North Middle School–I am well-acquainted with the challenges facing the community, and I am certain that Judge McGlaughlin will be a valuable asset in dealing with the consequences of those challenges with care and good legal reasoning.”

Lee Pietruszewski

I have practiced law in Josephine County for over 28 years—-and as a trial attorney, I have found Judge Sarah McGlaughlin to be among the best our courts have had the privilege working for us. She is the kind of person we all need making decisions on the bench—-smart, thoughtful, compassionate, fair, humble.”

Holly Preslar
Juvenile and Family Law Attorney

Judge McGlaughlin is one of the sharpest attorneys I encountered.  Her experience and intellect make her the right choice for Josephine County Judge.  She understands what needs to be done to ensure fairness to those appearing in her courtroom, to keep the community safe, and keep Josephine County a business friendly and family oriented community.”

Ryan Mulkins
Retired District Attorney, Josephine County

Judge McGlaughlin is a great addition to the Josephine County Circuit Court. She is a very hard worker, careful about her rulings; and goes out of her way to be respectful to people who appear in her court.”

Hon. Pat Wolke
Circuit Court Judge, Josephine County

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