By Christopher D. Mecca | The Daily Courier | September 15, 2020

It has been my pleasure to practice law and to make my home in Grants Pass for 44 years now. I, too, am a “gray beard,” but I think my experience allows me to share a thing or two from time to time.

In my years as a practicing lawyer, I have seen many judges – some great, some good and a few … not so good.

We have not one but two excellent judges up for reelection: Sarah McGlaughlin and Brandon Thueson. Both of these judges possess the quality we lawyers – and most importantly, the public – need to see. These qualities are intelligence, integrity, humility and empathy. Both judges, Sarah McGlaughlin and Brandon Thueson, have these qualities in abundance.

These are the reasons why the overwhelming majority of attorneys, courthouse staff and law enforcement support the reelection of Judge Sarah McGlaughlin and Judge Brandon Thueson.

Join me in casting a vote to reelect Judge Sarah McGlaughlin and Judge Brandon Thueson to the Circuit Court bench.

Christopher D. Mecca
Grants Pass