By Pat Wolke

Several days ago, in preparation for a trial the next day, I reviewed the previous rulings in the case. The defense attorney had filed several motions to suppress evidence and statements made by the defendant. The hearing on the motions had extended over two days, and my colleague, Judge Sarah McGlaughlin, had written her six-page opinion letter two days after that. There was no question in my mind as to what she was ruling, and why she ruled as she did.

Judge McGlaughlin’s letter demonstrates why he should be reelected. There are judges who can take weeks to write an opinion letter and cause trials to be delayed until they have

decided an issue. In this case, Judge McGlaughlin had produced an extremely well thought-out and clear opinion letter in just two days. Often, being a judge is not very glamorous. It involves reading a great deal of case law and statutes, and trying to carefully match the law to the facts involved and make the correct decision. Judge McGlaughlin has the basic work ethic, respect for the law and litigants, intelligence and common sense to do that.

Grants Pass