By Charles Seagraves | The Daily Courier | September 6, 2020

I write to ask that you join me in support of retaining Judge Sarah McGlaughlin on our Circuit Court. After spending more than half a century here in Josephine County and 39 years as an attorney, I have a special interest in striving to support the best and brightest to serve as judges.

As a “gray beard” in the lawyering thing, I define “best” as one possessing humility, honesty, integrity and independence to always apply the law free of bias and extraneous pressures.
We expect our judges to take on complicated vital issues for our community and individuals. This demands lots of hard work and a broad knowledge of the law.

I put humility at the head of the list above, because after many years of operating in this legal realm, I’ve come to believe a big ego is dangerous when combined with a black robe and gavel. Sarah is very bright, hard-working and always very humble.

Prior to her appointment, Sarah McGlaughlin and the other applicants, including her opponent in this election, were vetted by a diverse group of practicing attorneys in Josephine County and our local judges. The excellence of this appointment has been born out by the quality of legal-judicial she has performed. She is a jewel we need to keep.

Please join me in voting to retain judge Sarah McGlaughlin on our bench.

Grants Pass