By Cedar Leard | The Daily Courier | 10/13/20

I implore you to consider voting for Judge Sarah McGlaughlin to retain her seat as our District 14 Josephine County judge.

Judge McGlaughlin is no stranger to hard work. Growing up with four siblings and being the first to finish college is a monumental achievement. As a former prosecutor in Josephine County and deputy district attorney, she took on cases in elder law, juvenile detention, and mental health, showing that she is skilled in focus and determination. Bringing her education and work ethic back home to Josephine County shows that she cares about the roots of the struggles our community faces and is proactive in the betterment of our home. She has been out meeting folks at our First Friday events and local Growers’ Market, showing that she cares about small businesses, the heart of our town, and reaching out to keep justice accessible for all of our residents.

Judge McGlaughlin is working for justice both in this generation and the next. In addition to her duties as acting primary family court judge and mental health court, she is developing a juvenile treatment court at Josephine County family court to target at-risk youth and steer them towards better outcomes through early intervention and developing consistent relationships throughout the program.

We have a choice. I welcome you to retain a proven, hard-working, transparent, community-accessible judge. We know what kind of judge she will be. It’s why she’s endorsed by the Grants Pass Police Association and other judges.

Grants Pass