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Sarah is a third generation Southern Oregonian who grew up in Central Point, Oregon. She lives in Grants Pass with her husband, her two stepchildren, and their two dogs. Her husband, Damian, grew up in Merlin, Oregon, and is a graduate of North Valley High School (Go Knights!).

Sarah grew up in a working-class family, one of five children. Her family taught her the importance of community and standing up for what you believe. Her parents worked multiple jobs so she could attend Cascade Christian High School in Jacksonville. Thanks to the encouragement of her family and the guidance of her teachers, Sarah became the first person in her family to attend college. In 2007, Sarah graduated with a B.A. in History from Dartmouth College, in New Hampshire.

Following graduation, Sarah joined the Dartmouth Volunteer Teaching Program. She traveled to the tropical Republic of the Marshall Islands where she taught the children of the displaced people of Bikini Atoll. There she became a proponent for her elementary students’ health and education. When she returned to the United States she enrolled in Boston College Law School to become an education rights advocate.

After her graduation, Sarah returned to her family and her roots in Southern Oregon, where she worked as a rehabilitation assistant at the Oregon Commission for the Blind. In 2015, she become a deputy district attorney at the Josephine County District Attorney’s Office. There, represented the state of Oregon and the community by holding criminal defendants accountable. She specialized in prosecuting elder abuse, animal abuse, and felony property crimes. She found that her past experience in criminal defense made her a balanced and fair advocate for justice.

Sarah served at the Josephine County District Attorney’s Office for four years before she was appointed to become one of the five judges in the Josephine County Circuit Court in 2019. She is now the primary judge at the Josephine County Family Court, where she presides over cases involving juvenile delinquency, dependency (where children have been removed from the home due to safety concerns), protective orders, and child custody matters.

As someone who came from a working-class family, Sarah believes that all people should stand equal before the law. To that end, she strives to break down barriers to accessing justice, and daily ensures that every person who comes before her has the opportunity to be fully heard on their case. Her unique experience in both representing the government and defending against it make her a fair, balanced, and impartial judge.

Sarah McGlaughlin and family

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