Uphold the law & protect our Constitutional Rights
The number one role of a judge is to fairly, impartially, and independently uphold and apply the laws and constitutions of our state and country. I am a reasoned and independent voice in the courtroom, where the law and the rights of our citizens are the guiding principles. 

Equal access to justice
I grew up of as one of five children in a working-class family in Southern Oregon. I understand how intimidating and challenging it can be to stand up for yourself in a court of law. My priority is to ensure accessibility to justice, that every person has a fair and full opportunity to be heard, and that my courtroom is a place of respect. I am committed to making sure our legal system is a place where we can find fairness, justice, and access for everyone.

Community relationships
As a third-generation Southern Oregonian, this community means everything to me. In the experiences and the struggles of the people in the courtroom, I see my parents, my friends, my siblings, and the people I grew up with. Those are the people who helped me become what I am today. And those are the people I am here to serve. 

The law is the great equalizer. The courtroom is the one place where everyone should be the same. Everyone has the same rights. Everyone should have the same access.  I will uphold our laws with respect and integrity, cultivate stronger relationships between our courts, communities and citizens.

Integrity, transparency and accountability.
Our citizens deserve to know they can trust our legal system. As judge, I’ve made transparency and accountability pillars of my decision-making.

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